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Bike Tours in India

Travel the depths of India on two wheels

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Adventure Bicycle Tour

9 Days

Cycling is one of the best ways to see India. It isn't difficult and provides the cyclist with glimpses of India denied to the traveller whizzing past on four wheelers. The following sample itinerary takes you to one of India's most interesting regions providing an extraordinary blend of architectural wonders, bird and wild life sanctuaries.

Mountain Biking Tour

18 Days

Riding a bike has always been a pleasure for a person who loves adventure and sports.. Whether you are riding on a smooth surface or a hard one, mountain biking provides you a superb drive giving you the opportunity to conquer the countless climbs and drop- offs using skill, strength & nerve.
Mountain biking trips focus on those who are born to be wild.

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Motor Bike Tour.jpg

Motor Bike Safari

18 Days

Our Motor Bike safaris are for the adrenalin enthusiast. Bikes are arranged, the route is planned, fuel tank is full and all you have to do is hop on them and get ready to roar.
You cover more than a 1000Kms during this 18 days long course and its worth every inch.

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