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Some questions about us and travelling to India answered

Will I be provided services till pre-boarding only?

No, in fact our real work starts once you commence your tour. Our efforts are not limited to planning, but execution also. We will ensure your trip goes as smooth as possible before your arrival, after your arrival and till your departure.

In case I want to connect with you during my tour, How will I stay in touch with Razdan Holidays?

On your arrival you are handed over set of documents. These documents include a list of your local POC and a 24x7 emergency contact number. 
However, from our side, we shall ensure that we are in regular touch to know about your feedback of your ongoing tour and in case any arrangements are to be made.

I like of one your itineraries but I would like some modifications. Is that okay?

Absolutely! Our real service lies in making your tour as personalised as possible. We would be happy to assist you in the planning, what you would want to be included, what you would want to be excluded and what alternative activities could be done.

How much in advance should I contact you so that we can plan on an itinerary?

Thats really up to you, however, we highly recommend that you start 6 months in advance in case you want a highly personalised tour. This is for a couple of good reasons. One, that you get a really good price from the market. Two, your bookings relevant to your trip can be made easily without worrying about being waitlisted at a particular hotel or an activity.

Is India a safe country to travel?

Every country comes with its own socio-economic problems and there is no country in the world which is safe in absolute terms. However, you could well be assured India, in a bigger context, is a safe country to travel to specially with respect to its tourists.

Tourism industry gives livelihood to a huge population in the country and contributes approximately 10% of India’s GDP and people respect that. 

In fact, it is here the term “Atithi Devo Bhava” was coined which translates to “Guest is God”.

Razdan Holidays wants you to travel safe, travel fun and travel right. Call/Email/Chat with us for any additional questions!

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