Razdan Holidays has been engaged in tour operating services since over 60 years now. These services involve a range of communities. The most important one, apart from the travel community, is the local eco system.


Our guests are being given access and comfort due to the past, present and future work conducted by these communities to preserve their region, history and culture.


In recognition of this, we believe  it is not only our responsibility to give back to the community but also every destination management company in the Indian sub-continent. 


Responsible traveling is the need of the hour, otherwise, present commercialization will have a grave impact on the industry functioning.


In those regards, we want to indulge in an action program that involves us, travel partners and our guests to promote the well-being of the local communities, environment and wildlife.


This program is called Enable – Sustainable Program which conveys our ultimate goal, ‘Empowering Sustainability”.


People want to be a part of such actions. Hence, we are also developing products based on the same known as ‘Volunteer Programs’


It would be complete ignorance to not mention that tourism can bring a lot of harm to the subject being talked about here and we don’t deny that. However, it is to be understood that with some responsibility in our industry we can promote that change as our industry is blessed with the channel to bring attention and reach out to issues that need to be actioned upon around the world.


We strive hard to promote our country land, our services, our strengths, etc. but not much thought goes towards our responsibilities as a service provider.


Razdan Holidays wants to spread out that ‘green’ from its logo to its service offerings.    

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