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Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Razdan Holidays is glad to announce the launch of its new subsidiary service, RH Expeditions.

WIth RH Expeditions, we aim to bring expert-curated 4x4 Adventure Self Drive Tours and Adventure Holidays to adrenaline-seeking travel enthusiasts.

We also want to focus on bringing safe and sustainable practices and adding luxury to India's mainstream tours.

COVID Protocols will always be mandatory for the time being on all our tours.

Our first departure for our Self Drive Tour is already planned for July which shall take its participants through the newly opened route to Leh via Zanskar (Shinkun La/Padum/Singe La).

The tour has been personally recced in advance, with marking of GPS coordinates to add maximum professionalism to our operations.

We had done a few self-drive tours before this under the banner of Razdan Holidays. You can watch a couple of them here:

Atal Tunnel Self Drive Tour

Desert Self Drive Tour Expedition

Our Director, Sanjay Razdan, is a professional motorsport driver and a specialist in Adventure Tourism.

Our team consists of highly experienced individuals with up to 30 years of work experience, hence bringing high-level quality to our operations.

We are also proud to partner with Mercury Tr

To know more, please head to our website,

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