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It's been a while. Let us talk about our last 2 years: Part 2

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Unlocking Tourism #1

The program for Unlocking Tourism was formulated. A self-drive tour with the #drivetorevive.

We took our tour to one of the most popular destinations in India, Rajasthan.

At Razdan Holidays we have a passion for exploration and curation.

Our products are researched, developed, fine-tuned for the market, and then promoted to invite our clients to come to have a taste of them.

We are always glad to work with partners who share the same passions as us.

In the premier version of Unlocking Tourism, we incorporated the same thing.

With the objective of making an appeal to the government and showcasing lesser-known destinations to our friends in travel to improve their destination knowledge, we went to three places:

  • Tijara Fort

  • Hill Fort in Kesroli

  • Talabgaon Castle in Lalsot

  • Geejgarh Eco Resort

The heritage properties of Rajasthan are a highlight. What better than experiencing the off-beat ones.

This also gave an opportunity for the hotels to showcase the precautions undertaken during COVID.

The same has been documented in this video:

The idea behind the tour was to entice the government, international and domestic passengers to restart travel. This tourism industry remains the worst affected during the pandemic.

Another objective was to figure out the various SOPs employed by the hotels.

An off-beat route was chosen for this tour intentionally keeping in mind the safety all participants as the route traverses among villages of Rajasthan in India.

The participation made this tour success for following travel companies:

- Razdan Holidays

- Cosmos Tours

- TBO Holidays

- Inpac Tours

- Mystical Journeys

- Vacation Dreamz

- Beckon Tours Pvt. Ltd.

- Cee Bee Cee Tours & Travels


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