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Razdan Holidays to participate in "Unlocking Tourism" tour

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

The logo shows an open eye to suggest that we are open and ready.
Open Eye Logo: The logo shows an open eye to suggest that we are open and ready.

In an effort to bring back tourism to India, Razdan Holidays will be joining India's 12 leading inbound tour operators to Rajasthan between 6th to 9th August.

This 20 people contingent would be going to 3 unique and offbeat destinations of Rajasthan.

Here is what the route looks like:

Delhi - Tijara Fort Palace (Lunch Stop) - Hill Fort Kesroli - Talabgaon Castle - Geejgarh Village Resort - Delhi

The objective is to showcase the world that India is ready to welcome back tourists, inspite of being hit hard by the current pandemic.

We and the other travel companies work in various markets of Asia, America's, Europe and Australia and it is important for all of us to ensure that our future clients feel safe about coming here.

The second objective is exactly that, to showcase the strict safety protocols that are being employed by the industry.

Interestingly, this is a self drive tour and no more than 2 passengers would be inside one car.

Masks are compulsory throughout the tour and the hotels are following their own unique set of safety protocols that we all would be exploring ourselves as it is important to be aware that certain safety standards are being operated by all hotels.

Currently, international flights remain banned in India, but all of us are hoping that this drive will help put our guests at ease and tell them that whenever our airports open again, India is ready.



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