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The Indian sub-continent remains largely unaffected in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Virus sampling
Virus sampling

Travel plans to the Indian sub continent but you are worried about the new virus outbreak (Covid-19) and you are having thoughts about holding your trip?

Well it does seem the western world is getting the impression that all of Asia is reeling under the coronavirus crisis thanks to the media narrative. However, that claim remains unfounded as of now.

Though a large part of China is struggling with this outbreak, South Asia has managed to contain the damage pretty capably.

The numbers speak for themselves:

India - 3*

Nepal - 1

Sri Lanka - 1

Bhutan - 0

*Edit: The 3 people diagnosed with the virus in India are out of it. This means India has ZERO positive cases.

Thats a total population of 1.5 billion, hence, these numbers are even more remarkable.

India, in fact, is actively assisting its neighbours to deal with the case (Source: Quartz India)

The tourism industry is certainly taking a hit worldwide due to the panic and fear

from reports coming out of China.

However, we hope that, as always, our medical scientists will triumph over this dastardly virus.

The tourism industry will comeback stronger from this.

Our prayers with all those affected.


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