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Destination Display heads South!

Our Destination Display moves on to its new editions and this time we show some of the jewels of South India.

Our first destination is going to be state of Tamil Nadu. The state of Tamil Nadu is specially famous for its Dravidian style Hindu temples. The state's capital is Chennai which is one of the big metropolitan cities in India.

Further, we move on to the state of Karnataka wherein we start with its ever green jungles of Nagarhole National Park. Karnataka also houses the major IT Hub of Asia, Bangalore.

It is going to be interesting to find how two states, next to each other, can differ in their culture and heritage.

Well, that is what we call it to be the beauty of India!

Follow us on Instagram and do come along in this journey. The pictures would be posted as stories and would be also be shared on Facebook.

In case you miss any stories or would like to see them later on, the story would always be available as a highlight.

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Happy Traveling!

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